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Order Online Fresh Chicken Home Delivery in Mudappallur, Shopping, Purchase, Buy Antibiotic-Free Chicken in Kerala, Store/Shop near me

Order Online Fresh Chicken Home Delivery in Mudappallur, Shopping, Purchase, Buy Antibiotic-Free Chicken in Kerala, Store/Shop near me

A healthy lifestyle is always encompassed by a healthy diet in its daily routine. In this fast-growing world, We offers you an uncompromising healthy diet with our exceptional purity of chicken. We comprehend the availability of hormone-free and Antibiotic-free chicken which can enhance the body’s metabolic activities with irreplaceable taste. We uses 100% vegetarian grains as feed which possess natural growth promoters and contains no injected synthetic medicines. We make assurance in the health care of chicken with the assistance of a good team of efficient trainers who are completely reliable on anything related to chicken. We are the top-quality ISO-certified, FSSAI Government registered farm initiative to ensure people’s health with daily improvisation in chicken quality and purity hence it is an innovative initiative in the field of nourishment. We optimize the natural environment for the protection of our birds without their contact with the outer world of numerous bird diseases. Our farms keep significantly clean and secure with the help of qualified staff. Here is a specified chicken recipe for gym which can be consumed for our uninterrupted healthy living.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I get my online chickens?

Our chicken uses nearby meat stalls that are hygienic and maintain high quality in your area and makes our chicken available through these franchised stalls in Mudappallur. Anyone can shop our fresh chicken from these shops at an affordable cost.

What are the benefits of Our chicken?

We makes available fresh chicken only. We use neither antibiotic for chicken preservation nor hormone drugs in them that are highly toxic to our health and well-being. We everywhere prioritize customers' safety and health. Hence we opt for the best products for you.

How do we train for farm staff?

Our farmers receive expert training in every area of breeding, feeding, farm upkeep, and bio security to ensure that they provide the best possible care for the chickens. Our chickens and the food they eat are thus always under our attentive eye until they are ready for you.

What are the certifications of Our chicken?

Our chicken is certified by HALAL, ISO, FSSAI, and food safety certificates, UKAS Quality Management, HACCP and United Registrar of Systems.

How does our online chicken help for health?

We use OjasToAura herbal feed additives, which are created in-house at cutting-edge feed production facilities. This has 100% natural antiviral herbal blends, immune enhancers, vitamin supplements, and growth promoters for raising chickens so that our customers' health won't be compromised.

How do I contact our customer service?

Our customer service team is available seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

How do you ensure bio security poultry farms raise chicken?

Bio security is the most effective defensive health strategy and hygiene measure for controlling pathogen transmission and keeping our farms disease-free. All of our processes and actions adhere to bio security practices. We ensure the following methods to ensure bio security.

» SOPs/Operation manuals that are documented
» A feed storage facility that is suitable
» The safe disposal of dead birds
» A minimum inter-flock interval of two weeks is required.
» Disease diagnosis and management that is appropriate
» Culling of sick and sickly birds on a regular basis
» Between batches, housing and equipment must be properly decontaminated and disinfected.

How can I get chicken as I wish?

At our stores, you can select the chicken you want and ask for desired cuts. Alternatively, you might ask our experts to advise you on the best product to choose based on the dish you want to prepare.

Will accept party orders?

YES. We receive party orders to ensure you a healthy feast on your special occasion. We timely provide you with the best customer service to offer you healthy and quality chicken.

Chicken produced in a hygienic environment?

We wanted to provide you with the tastiest chicken in the most hygienic atmosphere. Our outlets are handled by knowledgeable employees who will assist you in selecting the appropriate chicken or cut. Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned about selecting a healthy bird. Our chickens are raised in bio security conditions and provided an antibiotic-free, all-vegetarian diet.

What is the quality maintaining process that our meat follows?

We utilize 100% vegetarian feed containing natural nutrients produced by our own scientists for antibiotic-free poultry. We never use additional hormones, steroids, or other dangerous chemicals on our farms. The eco-friendly environment we create and the hygienic measures we employ in our bio security farms protect our poultry by preventing pests and infectious pathogens from entering.

How our chicken confirms antibiotic resistance?

We develop antibiotic resistance by growing and consuming chicken that has been dosed with antibiotics via feed, water, and medicines. Antibiotic resistance enables infectious microorganisms to become resistant to antibiotics designed to kill them, hence it helps human health.

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