Croma AC (Air Conditioner) Repairing and Service Technicians, Doorstep Installation Service Centers in Kerala

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Croma AC (Air Conditioner) Repairing and Service Technicians in Kerala
  • Company: Cromā
  • Founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
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Croma AC (Air Conditioner) Repairing and Service Technicians, Doorstep Installation Services Centers in Kerala

Croma AC (Air Conditioner) Repairing and Service Technicians, Doorstep Installation Services Centers in Kerala

Croma AC (Air Conditioner) Repairing and Service Technicians: Croma group, a subsidiary of the Tata group, is one of the most reliable brands in India for consumer electronics. With its headquarters in Mumbai, the brand presents more than five hundred products in outlets spread across more than 35 cities in India. Croma brings the best air conditioners into the hands of customers to cool them down. A wide range of models is available to choose from and satisfy your personal cooling needs. The latest Croma air conditioner models include,

  • 1.5-ton 3-star inverter air conditioners
  • hot and cold air conditioners
  • 1-ton split air conditioners
  • 1-ton inverter split air conditioners
  • 1.5-ton inverter AC
    • Choose the best type of AC that suits your space. All-season air conditioners from Croma integrate smart technology and feature optimum performance. Have a clear idea of the space to choose the best air conditioner that offers quick cooling. Lightweight design, hassle-free installation, and compatibility make the Croma air conditioners buzz in the market. Croma AC performs at its best with regular service and maintenance. Croma AC installation, Croma AC service, and Croma AC repair are so easy when you contact the AC Serv experts. We will be right at your doorsteps, delivering professional AC servicing.

      If you value your health and well-being, you should place a high value on your air conditioning system. Air conditioning can significantly improve your comfort and health. Aside from giving a fresh vibe to your home, it can help your sleep and keep your AC from overheating. AC Serve is a group of AC technical experts who can gladly handle all of your air conditioning system needs. Our trained and certified technicians with years of experience can solve all of your air conditioning problems.

      Our entire focus at AC Serv is on providing you with a fantastic customer experience and delivering quality AC Repair & Services to your home and office through our technicians. Our mission is to deliver quality AC Repair and Service, as well as quality AC Installation and Uninstallation Services, by providing the highest degree of honesty, dependability, and craftsmanship, with the goal of consistently exceeding our client's expectations. With our online form, phone, and same-day service options, we prioritize your convenience. With promptness, professionalism, and comprehensive communication with our clients, we are committed to succeeding in quality AC Repairs and Services, including Air Conditioning Installation and AC Uninstallation Services.

      We are similar to an authorized service center in that we understand how important it is to have the Air Conditioner system functioning properly; therefore, we ensure that customers receive prompt assistance on-site when they experience problems with air conditioning failures, particularly when they fail to cool, which is the critical operation of the air conditioner. We have a constantly prepared repair unit that is known for achieving effective results with the Air Conditioner on the first visit.

      Our company provides all types of AC Systems to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can install air conditioning in a home that has never had it before. In the Area, we have the most competent and friendly air conditioning installation teams. Our AC Installation mechanics are Air Conditioning Installation specialists who receive frequent training. We offer flexible installation dates, including some weekends, as well as turnkey solutions from start to finish. For Carrier Equipment Air Conditioning Installations, our responsible staffs provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We also provide Extended Warranties on New Systems as well as regular maintenance contracts. In addition, our customers will be comfortable with our team throughout the servicing process.

      Common Cromā AC Services

      Our qualified crew ensures services when your air conditioner breaks down when you face issues as well as the potential cost of having it repaired. When an air conditioner begins to malfunction, there are a few clear indicators. If you want your air conditioner to be trustworthy and not break down unexpectedly, it is recommended that you contact our team of AC specialists and have such issues resolved.

      • Cromā AC Gas Leakage
      • Do you experience heat slithering into your air-conditioned spaces? Do you see ice on the AC evaporator coils? Above all, do you get an unusually high electricity bill? All these may be due to AC gas leakage. Once you notice these symptoms, get it serviced at the earliest from the best-trained and certified technicians. Ac Serv, the air experts have qualified technicians for doorstep AC servicing. Some other symptoms of AC gas leakage are, no cool air from the registers, the indoor unit emitting a hissing sound, and frozen coils.

      • Cromā AC Abnormal Sounds
      • Many of us hear abnormal sounds from the indoor unit of Air conditioners. A whistling or hissing sound can be due to a refrigerator leak. Inhaling Freon, the refrigerant gas is harmful to health. So the first and foremost thing you need to do when you are uncertain about a refrigerator leak is to switch off the unit. A buzzing sound from the outdoor AC unit is yet another common issue that indicates an electrical problem. Do not ignore the buzzing sound as the interior cooling is good. It can be hazardous. Take action at the earliest. Compressor issues or belts cause a metallic grinding noise. Only an expert AC technician can examine the detail to take the necessary action.

      • Cromā AC Foul Smell
      • A foul smell from your AC may be due to several reasons. A foul smell like that of exhaust gas, skunk scent, or a burning smell, may be due to a gas leak. Never switch on the AC if you doubt a gas leak. Avail of the best AC servicing in a short period. A foul small may also be due to the growth of fungus in your AC filter, and start stinking. A dirty, clogged-up AC emits a feet-like smell. Qualified AC technicians can examine and settle the issue in a short time.

      • Cromā AC Blowing Hot Air
      • Blowing hot air from the Air Conditioner may be due to some problems with the cooling mechanism. Thermostat issues, closed/blocked return vents, clogged filters, Loss of power at the outdoor unit, leaky ducts, disconnected ducts, caked condenser coils, or refrigerator leaks can be the core cause for AC blowing hot air. Please make a call to the best AC service/ repair service providers in your locality to settle the issue in no time.

      • Cromā AC Not Cooling
      • The ability of AC to cool a room depends on many factors like clean air filters and condenser coils. Reduced cooling of air-conditioned spaces may also be due to a lack of proper maintenance of AC units, excessive ventilation in the room, or improper heat insulation. AC service experts can resolve the issue right at your doorstep.

      • Cromā AC Filter Cleaning
      • It is recommended to clean the AC filters regularly. Regular cleaning of AC filters can ensure the best performance, keep the ducts clean, improve longevity, and above all, keep the air clean and healthy inside. Clean the filters of your AC regularly from the best service providers in your locality.

      • Cromā AC Water Spillage
      • Disconnected/clogged drain pipes lead to water spillage from HVAC systems. Water spillage can reduce the cooling effect of your Air conditioner. It is advisable to switch off the unit once you notice water dripping from the unit. Broken condensate pumps, frozen evaporator coils, or dirty air filters can cause water spillage. Do not waste time; do call your AC service center to fix the issue.

      • Cromā AC Replacing Sensor
      • Does your AC unit find problems with the 'turn on?' It may have a faulty sensor. The air conditioner fails to cut off when the room reaches the set temperature when the sensors are not functioning properly. hence the room becomes too cold and the energy bills go high and high. Replace the sensor with quality AC repair/service professionals to ensure the best performance.

      • Cromā AC Swing Blade
      • AC swing blades have to function properly for the expected cool air circulation when the 'swing mode' is on. The blade moves up and down, till around 43 degrees. Issues with swing blades are common with air conditioners. An on-time repair can prevent further worsening of the issue.

      • Cromā AC Connector Wires
      • Some common connector wire issues in an air conditioner include faulty wiring, exposed wires, and loose connection. Pinched and stripped wires in contact with other live wires can cause damage to your system. Do not touch exposed wires. A loose connection disrupts the current flow which leads to the malfunctioning of the AC. Connect to a professional technician and solve the issues without any delay

      • Cromā AC Gas Charging
      • AC gas charging has to be done every couple of years as the gas gets used up. AC gas top-ups are also done to keep up the level of gas in an Air Conditioner. The best AC service experts professionally handle AC gas charging and top-ups at reasonable prices and an assured warranty period. AC Serv, the air experts deal with window AC gas filling, tower AC as filling, and split AC gas filling.

      • Cromā AC Circuit Board Repairing
      • Complaints with AC circuit boards also impact air-conditioner performance. A damaged AC circuit board can be repaired only with the help of an experienced technician. AC serv, the air experts are equipped with the best workshops with the full range of facilities to deal with any AC service/repair issues. Circuit board repair usually happens at the workshop. Expert technicians thoroughly examine the circuit board and suggest a repair or replacement as per the condition. Expert technicians at AC Serve are well-versed in handling AC circuit board repairs.

      • Cromā AC Installation and Uninstallation
      • AC installation and uninstallation is the same-day service from Ac Serv, the air experts. Reliable, efficient, and punctual services can make all our customers happy and gain more and more referrals. Professional services at reasonable prices are our motto for service. Our expert technicians install and uninstall both split AC and window AC. Apart from installation, we deal with all kinds of service and repair of Air Conditioners, irrespective of the brand.

Major Checklist of AC Repair and Services

Our expert HVAC technicians will examine the following components of AC and ensure the best performance.

Cromā AC (Air Conditioner) Faq's

How should I prepare before Cromā AC installation?

It will be great if you can spend some time finding the best location for installing the AC unit. You may end up with more than one suggestion, do consult with the installation experts to finalize the best choice. Have an idea of the location of both indoor and outdoor units.

How can I confirm a perfect Cromā AC installation?

Low airflow and loud sound indicate an improper installation. Reliable AC service companies hand-pick specially trained technicians with sufficient experience in the field.

How long should I wait to turn on a newly installed Cromā AC?

Listen to the technician. He will give you the best advice for energy saving and optimum performance.

What is the average life span of Cromā air conditioners?

Good quality air conditioners are expected to have a life span of 15-20 years. Annual maintenance is a must.

How to know the optimum size of the cooling unit?

Book a consultation with an AC installation expert. He will guide you with the right size and brand of cooling system for your space. Implementing your ideas without consultation can shell out money.

How often an Cromā AC unit needs maintenance?

Regular maintenance promises the best performance. It is suggested to have annual service from professional technicians.

What is the most common AC Repair?

Some of the most common AC repairs are those with air filters, defrost control, thermostat, compressor, condenser fan, capacitors, and coils.

Where do most Cromā AC units leak from?

Refrigerant leaks usually occur from condensing coil, evaporation coil, accumulator, or suction line dryer.

What is included in Cromā AC servicing?

Cleaning air filter, cleaning condenser and evaporator coils, drain cleaning, a check-up for leakage, and an overall inspection.

What is the most important part of an Cromā AC?

A compressor, condenser coil, evaporator, and thermostat are a few important components of an Air conditioner.

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