Live Spoken English Video Classes

Live Spoken English Video Classes

Live Spoken English Video Classes in India

Learning Live Spoken English Video Classes is made simple at Brets. Led by efficient pool of trainers Brets offers the best in class coaching on communicative English. It’s 100% participant centered, effective and affordable. As its live classes, students can learn to speak English by speaking like a physical classroom. The students can be choosy about a comfortable and convenient time slot and the personal trainer would schedule sessions accordingly.

This is a Cambridge University certificate program and Brets is the only English training academy in Kerala with this privilege.

Course Duration: 40 days

Course Objective:

To help participants speak confident English in all real-life situations

Highlights of the course:

  • Questions Based Language Acquisition Method
  • Small-Group Training (SGT)
  • 100% individual care
  • 25 Fluency building drills
  • Pre-training language assessment
  • Affordable fee
  • 100% guaranteed result

What you will Learn:

  • English for everyday life
  • Real spoken English phrases
  • 200 common errors in English
  • Vocabulary on 20 topics
  • Grammar for accuracy
  • Conversational English
  • Right pronunciation of 500 words
  • The newest trend in Spoken English
  • 150 Stylish phrases
  • Interview English

Beneficiaries of the Course:

Students, job seekers, teachers, businessmen, professionals, and those who wish to acquire a good degree of fluency in English.

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