7-Day Residential Spoken English Training Institutes

7-Day Residential Spoken English Training Institutes

Residential Spoken English Training Institutes

7-Day residential Spoken English Training Institutes: You would doubtlessly fail to come up with a better way to acquire a language than learning it from the environment where it’s spoken. 7-Day residential English training at Brets is a matchless language learning experience that solely depends on contextualized language acquisition method. Language elements such as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are incorporated with the most globally recognized teaching method TPR(Total Physical Response).

Additional 3 days would be taken in case the participant fails to produce the desired result that makes the course a 10-day program.

Residential Spoken English Course Duration:

7-days + 3 days additional

Residential Spoken English Course Objective:

Helping people use faultless language with 100 percent confidence in a variety of real-life situations

Highlights of the course:

  • Total Physical Response Method (TPR)
  • Shortest number of days with biggest period time
  • Small class size
  • 100% personal care
  • More focus on speaking performance
  • Pre-training language assessment
  • Lowest fee
  • 100% guaranteed result

What you will learn:

  • English for everyday life
  • Real spoken English phrases
  • 200 common errors in English
  • Vocabulary on 20 topics
  • Grammar for accuracy
  • Conversational English
  • Right pronunciation of 500 words
  • The newest trend in Spoken English
  • 150 Stylish phrases
  • Interview English

Benefits of the Course:

Students, job seekers, teachers, businessmen, professionals, and those who wish to acquire a good degree of fluency in English.

About English Trainer:

Inspired by true passion and drive for learning and teaching English, Nishad Ahmed has been in the field of communicative English for more than a decade. He has long innings in mentoring students, teachers, parents, job seekers, professionals, and leaders of various organizations on spoken English and soft skills. Nishad Ahmed is one of the top-rated communicative English trainers in Kerala thanks to his book ‘The Vocabularist’ and his digital presence.
He is the founder and chief executive officer of Brets-Bestraits Residential English Training school Kochi, the largest residential spoken English training center in India. Brets has marked his active presence in both residential and online modes and offers a variety of courses for language learners.
Bestraits Residential English Training school was founded as a result of his deep thinking and observation of conventional language teaching methods in Kerala that failed to guarantee the desired fluency in English by the students. He realized that learning a language is easier when it’s acquired from an environment where it’s used and a residential training program was the need of the hour.
He is also known for his book ‘The Vocabularist’ an appreciated effort by those who wish to broaden their vocabulary. Recently, Oxford University Press India has associated with him and he is an official communicative English trainer of OUP India. He has been assigned to conduct various workshops for teachers and students across India.
He has been considered as an expert in teaching English with the Total Physical Response method which is one of the most effective global approaches to teach English. Bestraits Residential English Training school is one of the best spoken English training centers in India and the only English training center where Total Physical Response is being practiced. He has conducted more than 500+ training sessions all over India and he is a government skill development executive of the government of Kerala.

Oxford University English Trainer

Nishad Ahmed CV – Oxford University, Press India Trainer

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