Class 6 – Metal Goods Trademark Registration in India

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Class 6 – Metal Goods Trademark Registration in India

Class 6 – Metal Goods Trademark Registration in India

Class 6 – Metal Goods Trademark Registration in India: The goods which are partially made of metals is called metal goods. Metal goods such as stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washers and dryers, iron or copper, basic oxides, which are good conductors of heat and electricity.
A trademark classification is a way the trademark analysts and candidates trademark counsel arrange documents, such as trademark and service mark applications, according to the elucidation and possibility of goods and services to which the marks apply as per trademark NICE classification class 6 includes Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; goods of common metal not included in other classes; ores.
Helps in protecting from misuse and misrepresentation of a business logo and name.
It helps companies to freely advertise and promote their business

A trademark can be defined as the sole identity that makes your company, product, or service differ from others. Trademark Registration (TM) is your business’s conceptual property. It protects the expenditures made into creating trust and commitment among your customers. The registration furnishes the right against others who try to copy your trademark and stave off others from using a similar trademark of yours. Trademark can be explained in the terms of Trademark Act, 1999 as, “Trademark means a mark efficient of being represented distinctly and differentiate the products, services or goods from one another and may include the shape of goods, fusion of colors and their packaging. Such a mark may include signatures, names, labels, headings, etc. The trademark holder can be an independent, business organization, or any enterpriser.

Many features of your brand image can be registered as a Class 6 Trademark. The feature you need to consider is which feature of your brand outfits to your customers. Pick that feature for registering.

  1. Name: It may include Product Name, Business Name, Person’s Name/Surname, and Abbreviations.
  2. Logo/Symbol: Decide on your unique brand name and logo.
  3. Tagline: For example, Disneyland: “The happiest place on Earth.”
  4. Other Options: It may include Color Mark, Sound Mark, Scent Mark.

Trademark Registration Classification in India

Here you can find suitable business category of your trademark registration in India

Class 1 - Chemicals Class 2 - Paints Class 3 - Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations Class 4 - Oil and Lubricants Class 5 - Pharmaceuticals Class 6 - Metal Goods Class 7 - Machinery Class 8 - Hand Tools Class 9 - Scientific and Electrical Equipment, Computers Class 10 - Medical Equipment Class 11 - Lighting Equipment Class 12 - Vehicles Class 13 - Firearms Class 14 - Jewellery Class 15 - Musical Instruments Class 16 - Stationery and Printed Matter Class 17 - Rubber Goods and Flexible Pipes Class 18 - Leather Goods Class 19 - Non-Metallic Building Materials and Rigid Pipes Class 20 - Furniture and Related Goods Class 21 - Household Items Class 22 - Ropes and Related Items Class 23 - Yarns and Threads Class 24 - Textiles Fabrics Class 25 - Garments and Footwears Class 26 - Fancy Goods Class 27 - Floor Coverings Class 28 - Toys and Sporting Articles Class 29 - Meats and Processed Foods Class 30 - Tea, Coffee and Cereals Preparations Class 31 - Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables and Agricultural Products Class 32 - Light Beverages Class 33 - Wine and Spirits Class 34 - Smokers Articles Class 35 - Advertising, Business, Retailing and Online Services Class 36 - Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Class 37 - Building Construction and Repair Class 38 - Broadcasting and Telecommunications Class 39 - Transportation and Travels Class 40 - Treatment of Materials Class 41 - Education and Entertainment Class 42 - Design, Development Of Software and Hardware Class 43 - Restaurants and Hotel Class 44 - Medical, Beauty and Agricultural Class 45 - Legal, Social and Security Services

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